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By JULIE , Inc | September 26th, 2022

In October, we love to look up at the beautiful foliage, with bursts of rich reds, warm ambers and deep yellows and golds. But we can also keep an appreciative eye on our own yards and containers, to savor fall color in other ways. This is a good time to plant trees and shrubs, since the soil is warm enough for roots to take hold before winter arrives. Click here for seasonal tips, including suggestions for hearty plants.

“Fall weather can be unpredictable making it even more important you plan ahead so you have everything in order to start your projects when the timing is right,” said Kevin Chmura, director of public relations for JULIE, Inc. “One of the ways you can prepare is by contacting JULIE before you pick up the shovel at least two business days—and up to 14 calendar days—prior to any scheduled outdoor projects that require digging, regardless of the depth. It’s a free service.”