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By JULIE | October 3rd, 2022

Autumn is a popular time for backyard projects like putting up a fence, building a deck or patio and adding trees or shrubs. It’s your responsibility to contact JULIE before you dig to get underground utility lines located—even if you think you know where lines are buried. And it’s the law. Submit a self-service locate request at no cost.

If you made the plunge into planting your own garden, make sure to invest time into cleaning up in the fall.   Here are 8 tips in regards to maintenance and cleanup that are guaranteed to give your garden a healthy start for next spring.  

When the leaves begin to change and fall, the bright color leaves make it more difficult to see locate flags and markings on the ground. Each utility locator uses a different color paint or flag to mark the buried lines. Be careful when working in areas with these flags. As a reminder, JULIE personnel do not locate or mark any underground utility lines.

The small flags can be removed when your project is completed. If you notice flags in your yard that are faded or the metal stakes are rusted, those can be removed as long as there is no work being done in the area. Click here for frequently asked questions.